Illustration & Art

La Muerta Madonna merch design
Lemmy by Dee Snider P1
Lemmy by Dee Snider P4
The Penguin Revolution album art
BR Travel Poster advertising art
Illustration for a book cover
Clutch - Leviathan gigposter
Tshirt design for Harley-Davidson
Mary Jane Watson pinup for Marvel Age magazine
Sarah Palin pinup for Royal Flush magazine
Skateboard deck painting
Skateboard deck painting
Sinner sticker design
Road to Ruin page for Pandameat art sourcebook
Sad Kitty digital painting
Sad Puppy digital painting
Ape Dance drawing
Dream Big t-shirt design
Hotline pinup illustration
Summer of Love gigposter
Reebok promo illustration
Stardoll graphic novel
Stardoll graphic novel
Stardoll graphic novel p47
Cat Commandments merch design
Lykoi digital painting
Skulls for Christmas card
Love and Loyalty tshirt design
Liberal tshirt design
Puppy drawing
Christmas card art
Happy Kitten merch design
Pinup page for The Illustrated Al, The Songs of Weird Al Yankovic
Leviathan Gigposter
Just Super graphic novel promo image
Blondi Pinup Page
Not a Hugger cactus tshirt design
Misfits gigposter
Inhuman Gigposter
The Bulletboys gigposter
Hot Tuna gigposter
Misfits gigposter
Titus Oates Paradox album art
Naughty girl sticker art
Thief of Hearts merch design
Full page illustration for Vibe magazine
Illustration for Vibe magazine
Fate Strikes Twice album art
Foxy - painting in guache
Love is a Fire t-shirt design
Deaths Head NYC sticker
Harley-Davidson tshirt design
Get Fierce sticker
Mad Skillz sticker
Lego Friends illustration
Muertos merch design
Cover drawing for Trace and Color activity book
Trace and Color activity book-p31
Trace and Color activity book-p47
Zombie drawing in ball point pen
Front End Loader drawing
Book Lover merch design
Wine merch design