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Represented by Yamilca Montanez of St James Studios

Print/Book Design

I’ve done a variety of print design ranging from the recording industry to book publishing & comic books to advertising, packaging & point-of-purchase.


I do many types of illustration: book & magazine/editorial, album & poster, apparel designs, as well as technical illustration.

Web Design

I have 20 years of experience in web design. That background gives me an extensive perspective and depth that I bring to every project.

UI/UX Design

My unique point of view is to approach interface design the same way I illustrate stories. Creating a visual narrative flow makes for a rich user experience.

Logos & Branding

I work hard to understand your individual business and your points of difference. This enables me to help you present a comprehensively designed brand for your small business or startup and build a bridge to your future success.

The site is still under construction. This silly little video of Jim Shooter talking about our time at Marvel Comics is a placeholder. The real one is coming soon.
What I Offer…
A Varied Skill Set.
“Though my career spans more than thirty years I still have the same excitement and passion for work that I did when I first started. I love to help nurture a new company and I love to see my input make a difference.” -JayJay
Here is a quote from a testimonial by my long-time employer, Jim Shooter.

“Ms. Jackson is one of those rare creative people who does many things well, and moreover, is able to make connections between disciplines. She “sees the weave.” She constantly perceives insights that others miss. She can bring to bear design skills while writing or creating, production expertise while designing and creative imagination with regard to production.”

Some Clients
JayJay has a true passion for working with small businesses where she can make a difference, but she’s done work for some major companies. Here are a few.

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